1. Someone born and raised in the District that understands the local needs. “Not only have I lived in District 99 most of my entire life, after college and law school I returned to raise my children here.”
  2. Support for veterans & the defense industry.  “My father retired from General Dynamics (now Lockheed). I grew up understanding the scares of layoffs tangential to defense industry spending. West Tarrant County is crucial to our national defense.  I know, I lived it.  The concerns of Lockheed and our veterans are top priority with me.”
  3. Support for community colleges.  “District 99 has a main TCC campus (Tarrant County Community College). I like the Tennessee plan where high school students with good grades graduate and get a free community college degree. If Tennessee can do it, so can we.”
  4. Expanded Medicaid. “Governor Abbott and the Republicans turned down $9 billion in expanded Medicaid that could have helped many people without health insurance avoid debt. Many of these folks live in District 99. Every time someone goes to the county hospital (JPS) because they have no health insurance, our property taxes increase as we end up paying the debt. Most people don’t know this.”
  5. Protect our Rights.  “For the first time in my lifetime, the Supreme Court, by overturning Roe v. Wade, took away a right, specifically- a woman’s right to reproductive healthcare. I believe the right to choose is a private decision that belongs to the woman involved and her doctor. That being said, I do not believe in late term abortions (where the fetus can survive outside the uterus) unless there is a medical need or exception.”
  6. Sensible Gun Laws.  “I am a responsible gun owner. Like the overwhelming majority of responsible gun owners, I believe we need to have common sense gun regulation. The age to buy firearms ought to be raised to 21. There needs to be effective screening and background checks before firearms can be purchased. You can’t always keep guns out of the hands of the bad guys, but you can be smart about who can purchase and keep a firearm.”
  7. Industry and Good Jobs.  “District 99 is in bad need of attracting good employers. We need to adapt to changing times and bring stable employers to the region.  A semi-conductor chip manufacturer is a good example of what we need.  Our kids are graduating and moving away for better opportunities. Those opportunities should be right here in our backyard.”
  8. Smart on Crime. “Criminalizing everything only leads to permanent records where people can’t find jobs. This leads to a vicious cycle. I have been a criminal defense lawyer for 27 years, I know what policies work and don’t work.  We are in need of common sense criminal legislation that reduces crime and speeds up the rehabilitative process so people can get back to being productive members of our community.”
  9. Energy Grid Accountability. “My power went out during Icemageddon for 5 days.  It is unacceptable for record profits to be made in the industry sector and basic protections for consumers not be in place.”
  10. Tort Reform Rollback. “The Republicans promised lower insurance rates with tort reform. Not only did that not happen, it is impossible to find a worker’s compensation lawyer if you are hurt on the job or a medical malpractice lawyer due to caps on body parts.  There is no more justice for every day citizens who are hurt. The insurance companies have been in charge long enough.”